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The Digital Junkies are custom software developers located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We specialize in web-based solutions for small to medium sized companies. Our services include everything from basic graphic design and web site development to highly integrated custom software applications. We leverage the quality and affordability of open source software to provide effective low-cost solutions to our clients.

custom software

Our iterative development strategy ensures that all aspects of our software, from user interface to data design, meet or exceed our clients' expectations. More importantly, we are capable of translating our clients' business models into concrete software specifications. You will not need to be a computer expert to use our services.

We are also able to integrate our software with off-the-shelf software. This means that our clients can protect the investment they have made in existing software.


As mentioned above, we use open source software to develop our applications. In an effort to give back to the open source community, we have made several of our software components open source. Not only does this approach contribute to the open source movement in general, it also increases the quality of our software. Our open source components are exposed to a huge user-base and many bugs or missing features are identified and fixed as a result. These fixes are then passed on directly to our clients.

Currently available open source projects:


The Digital Junkies label supports a small group of independent artists spanning a wide range of genres. We provide varying levels of web, business, recording and production services to these artists and are able to leverage their talents when producing multimedia content.

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